Global ChamberĀ® Announces New U.S. Market Entry Course

4-Week Course in January, 2019 by Coaching Professors Helps Companies Enter the U.S. More Successfully

Published Monday, December 3, 2018

The risk of foreign corporations having an unsuccessful market entry in the U.S. is substantial.  Market entry costs for a foreign company (unfamiliar with the complexity of the U.S. market, U.S. customs, the structure of U.S. distribution channels, sales practices, marketing practices and the strengths of the U.S. competition) can be very high. 

Global Chamber® is pleased to announce a partnership with Coaching Professors to present their leading-edge, online training methodology to be used to help members (and non-members) to navigate the peculiarities of the vast and changing U.S. marketplace.

"The identification of the exact market entry requirements and of the methodology for a low-cost and low-risk market entry are difficult to discover for a company that has not professionally operated in the U.S.," said Professor Roberto Ancis of Coaching Professionals. "The time spent in discovering what works can be long, expensive and frustrating. We're pleased to partner with Global Chamber® to assist members to land successfully."

The identification of the appropriate market niche and the location of honest, effective, and active distributor/dealers is always difficult and extremely uncertain. Understanding the local culture and legal requirements is often puzzling and unclear. This 4-week coursework aims to reduce uncertainty.

"I'm personally familiar with Professor Ancis and his team who have been helping companies land in the U.S. for decades," said Doug Bruhnke, founder/CEO of Global Chamber®. "I'm pleased that we can present this very participatory programming to help our members succeed, at no cost, and just 75 minutes a week for 4 weeks in January."

If you are part of a company based outside the U.S., and you wish to do business in the U.S. market, we welcome you to attend this 4-week course every Wednesday at 11am Eastern time, for approximately 75 minutes each.

Sign-up for the first meeting on January 9th by clicking the Group Meeting 1 link below, and we will add you to the other weeks.

Group Meeting 1, January 9th - The U.S. Market and its Potential for your Company

Group Meeting 2, January 16th - U.S. Market Entry Options - Pros and Cons - Risks and Revenues.

Group Meeting 3, January 23rd - On Marketing and Marketing Strategies for the U.S. Market

Group Meeting 4, January 30th - The American Consumer Purchasing Psychology


View all the courses HERE. For any questions, please contact Professor Ancis or our HQ at

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