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Published Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Global Chamber® continues to grow and strengthen our global tribe of members and to grow our worldwide team to help members increase exports, imports, cross-metro business and cross-border growth investment.

Thank you to our business members all over the world for joining and sharing the implementation of our global vision and mission.

Our vision is to make selling products and services across metros and borders just as easy as selling across the street. We're making it easier for companies that seek growth to be more successful... through warm introductions, focused information and whatever each member needs. We collaborate with every organization that helps companies with global business, and so our network is uniquely supportive of members.

Heading into our 5th year, we're already the largest organization of our kind. Members include SMEs, multi-national firms, service providers and collaborators who are growing and gain value from our global tribe's ability to assist with warm introductions and info that help them grow. 

Overall Global Chamber® is setting up Executive Directors, Global Advisors, Deputy Directors and Regional Directors in 525 metropolitan regional areas around the world to work with executives locally to help them grow.

Join Us! As a Member or Sponsor...

It's never been as critically important to get all the help you can with cross metro and cross border growth. Click here to join (it's easy) and get more information on the value (it's high). If you have any issues with either page, an alternative investment page for joining is here. Contact us for more information as you have questions including on custom sponsorship packages.

Join Us! On Our Worldwide Team...

We're setting up chapters in 525 areas of the world to help our members succeed. Our global network allows members to connect with trusted advisors everywhere to find clients, partners and resources to help them grow more reliably and with less risk.

As global trade grows and economic centers shift, it's important to stay engaged with new opportunities. So we look for team members who are knowledgeable, experienced and have deep connections. Collectively our hundreds of leaders have connections everywhere. 

Our best team members have six characteristics. Do you fit the mold? Do you know someone like this in your metro area? Let us know!

1) She/he is comfortable with global business. They know how business works and have been involved with cross-border business. They're comfortable working with top executive and can speak with them as a near-equal.

2) She/he is well-connected and a connector. They know nearly everyone and are adept at connecting people to the right other people. They're organized, respectful, well-respected and smart. Because 'connecting' is more than making introductions. Our people know what to do.

3) She/he is an entrepreneur, handling multiple roles well. They usually have another business they're managing and that's perfectly OK to juggle... in fact, our best Executive Directors thrive in this world, leveraging one business with another... creating win-win-win situations constantly.

4) She/he is responsive and has good operational abilities. They know how to prioritize, lead and get things done. They take responsibility and communicate well to the people they are working with... including our global team. They keep plenty of balls in the air, juggling them successfully.

5) She/he enjoys selling and is a good salesperson. They don't necessarily 'love' sales, but they are passionate and persistent to articulate and deliver the value proposition. They build a tribe of followers based on their passion and capabilities. They follow-up and get sales done.

6) She/he is comfortable leading within their region. They love their metro and wish to stay there for the foreseeable future. And so part of what drives them is the advancement of success of companies, organizations and the cities themselves. They are and become a regional leader.


You can know, like and trust our worldwide team. We encourage you to become part of something bigger in order to make a bigger dent on growing trade than any one of us can do alone.

Our team includes...

Executive Directors who set up our chapters. They often have another business or two that they effectively handle while ramping up their chapter. They are multi-taskers, business and community leaders, and pretty amazing people... one in a million.

Global Advisors to help us find Executive Directors and fill in the connecting role until an Executive Director is set up for the metro area.

Deputy Directors who support the success of the chapters... with business service, selling and operational support.

Interested to learn more?

We're looking for Executive Directors, Members, Global Advisors and Sponsors worldwide. Join us - contact me today.

Here's more info.

Our Executive Directors are tasked to support our global growth mission, and specifically to…

  • Find and grow the pool of members, sponsors and collaborators
  • Facilitate discussions to help executives find new opportunities and grow globally
  • Connect members and sponsors with opportunities to grow globally
  • Work with the Global Chamber® and regional locations to share and collaborate
  • Collect and share information from partners on growing business globally
  • Produce and share articles and videos of successful leaders on ‘how to’
  • Create and communicate seminars with CEO’s on cross border business topics
  • Create and communicate events that gather like-minded global business leaders
  • Communicate cross border opportunities to accelerate engagement and success
  • Support regional global initiatives that move things forward locally and globally
  • Facilitate connections to leaders and resources, helping to accelerate global growth
  • Create and communicate internships, contracts and jobs that tie people to opportunities
  • Collaborate locally and globally with like-minded global leaders and organizations


An Executive Director at the Global Chamber®…

  • Is honest, ethical and responsive
  • Is a natural connector and builder
  • Has global business experience and passion
  • Has a positive, collaborative mindset and appreciates that it takes a village
  • Is well-organized and can multi-task, including handling multiple roles simultaneously
  • Has been in the region for at least several years and has an extensive professional network
  • Has a 24/7 global mind set, always finding new opportunities and connections
  • Is a member of several regional organizations, often in leadership roles
  • Has experience bridging business to education and government
  • Has strong sales, marketing, business and consultative skills
  • Has a positive personality and excellent communication skills
  • Seeks to have impact locally and globally

Contact us for more information.