New Partnership Between Kompass North America and Global Chamber

The New Relationship Offers Global Businesses More Access to Worldwide Data and Warm Introductions

Published Monday, September 2, 2019 8:00 am

We're pleased to announce a new partnership between Kompass North America and Global Chamber®. The working relationship makes it easier for clients of Kompass to access Global Chamber and vice-versa... members of Global Chamber® get a discount for the use of the Kompass database.

Kompass is now offering a special discounted price to Global Chamber® members/partners - from 20% off on any Kompass package they choose.

Learn more about the partnership HERE.

And click HERE to access the special discount and read more below for additional information on Kompass.

With the Kompass Easybusiness Premium Subscription, Global Chamber® members can access information on 42 million B2B companies in more than 68 countries , with 40 million contacts, and 56,000 products and services.

Kompass can help businesses to:

  • Promote within the global marketplace
  • Analyze global market sectors for potential opportunities
  • Identify suppliers of products and services
  • Identify potential clients, partners, agents, and distributors
  • Identify and research competitors

Kompass serves companies all over the world, whatever their size, to help them develop their business.

Whether you're a large corporation or a small business that wants to develop its local market, or export its know-how abroad, Kompass puts a unique worldwide database at its clients’ fingertips with its prospecting assistance tools and direct marketing solutions. 

Market analysis, sales mapping, targeting, internal database optimization, preparation of prospecting files, mailing, emailing. Kompass can support its clients’ marketing and sales goals at each stage of their business development.

It's a wonderful counterpoint to the warm introductions and other connections you get at Global Chamber®!

Kompass facilitates and securitizes corporate decision-making. The emergence of the information society has greatly increased the role of collecting, processing and interpreting data all along the decision-making chain.  The Kompass database is structured to constitute an especially high-performance tool for knowing the industries, the competition, the markets, the players and production.

With Kompass Booster Advertising, Global Chamber® members will be able to advertise in 24 languages.

Kompass enhances visibility. With its worldwide scope the quality and diversity of its content, the efficiency of its search engine, and the pertinence of its business classifications, the new Kompass supports companies worldwide. Today, the platform and subscription solutions can offer effective solutions that enhance a company’s visibility on its sector of business and target markets, whether local or for export.

With the Kompass Public Tenders platform Global Chamber® members can access over 50,000 bids per day, more than 10 million per year, 145 languages detected, 1,700,000 purchasing entities throughout the world.

Access to Private and Public Tenders. Kompass Public Tenders is a new service that enables companies to find listings for their needs and promotes linking with professionals in their areas.

Based on the best worldwide tool search engine to find public procurements. Based on an efficient and user-friendly platform. Over 50,000 bids per day, More than 10 million per year, 145 languages detected, 1,700,000 purchasing entities throughout the world.

Access more information about Kompass HERE.

Interested members are also encouraged to reach out to Rufiya Blank, Vice President New Business Development HERE.


“Kompass has been a great tool enabling our potential customers with a path to find us. Every month our Kompass portal brings us a wide variety connection from all over the world. It’s been a perfect complement to our on-line marketing needs to remain visible in the market place.” - Aaron Johnson, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Strategy at Accu-mold, USA

The data obtained through Kompass have been extremely valuable to us and our clients over the years. The exporters we serve from southern Illinois have been able to expand their network of distributors as well as locate new customers worldwide”. - Silvia Torres, Director at Illinois SBDC International Trade Center, SIUE School of Business

“The SBDC network and Global Chamber members have a long relationship with Kompass and know it well.  In fact, Kompass was one of a very few private resources included in the CGBP national training standard!  In the old days, Kompass directories in our SBDC / trade offices were a badge of honor! The SBDC network and working with Kompass date back to the pre-Coface days.  I know centers that have had Kompass for over 25 years.” - James Foley, Director at Turner Center for Entrepreneurship & Illinois SBDC International Trade Center

“Kompass is a great tool for me and our team of independent sales representatives.  I am able to identify a potential customer for a rep, give them a link to the company website, a description of product and listing of key people to contact.  The rep then has the ability to find similar companies within their territory by using Kompass code searches.  SIC or NAICS codes dump a ton of irrelevant companies into categories that lead you down paths that have a dead end during prospecting.  Their Kompass code system goes a long way to pinpointing the exact type of company you are looking for to make prospecting much more effective”. - Bob Orlando at Orlando Sales Associates, Inc.

“The Agentrics online sourcing platform is the preferred choice of 13 of the top 25 global retailers (as well as thousands of smaller buyers). We help our customers to find suitable and alternative sources of supplies for their negotiation. We have been using the Kompass database for 5 years now, to initially target the appropriate companies. They have extensive and very detailed product segmentation”. - Alexandra Lafaurie at NeoGrid Director, Customer Support Services & Content Services


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