Globig and Global Chamber Announce an Historic Global Collaboration

Members of Both Organizations Receive Enhanced and Discounted Services to Support Global Growth

Published Tuesday, October 15, 2019





Anke Corbin

Globig - Co-Founder & CEO


Doug Bruhnke

Global Chamber® - Founder & CEO


Globig and Global Chamber Announce Strategic Business Partnership 

Global Chamber®, a worldwide organization in 195 countries focused on growing cross-border trade and investment everywhere, and Globig, a leading international business marketplace with over 3,500 members, are proud to announce their intent to collaborate. Their collaboration brings together two companies with a shared mission to connect and grow international businesses in an increasingly complex, interconnected world. 

The collaboration means enhanced and discounted services for members and clients of both organizations. Both Global Chamber and Globig work with international companies: Global Chamber connects companies to clients, partners, services and training through 525 local chapters, and Globig offers online practical knowledge, a vetted services marketplace, and consulting on how to successfully expand abroad. Together they offer executives more options for high quality connections and effective and compliant growth in more locations worldwide.

Companies looking to grow more effectively that need online learning, knowledge, expert services and local and global business connections for each market they are entering have more choices now than ever before. By partnering, Globig and Global Chamber will bring even more of these assets to companies who wish to lower risk and make their international expansion a success.

“One of the most important and fun parts about doing business internationally is making great connections. While Globig provides helpful online tools, strategy, and customized execution for growth, Global Chamber warm introductions and events are perfect next-steps and key to developing relationships everywhere you want to be,” said Anke Corbin, co-founder/CEO of Globig. “We look forward to expanding how we support companies growing around the world through our partnership with Global Chamber.”

“We appreciate how Globig has developed capabilities in key areas such as compliance at a time when global data management has become critically important for every firm doing international business,” said Doug Bruhnke, founder/CEO of Global Chamber. “We’ve been in touch with Globig for many years, and so there is already a foundation of trust that gives us confidence to recommend their services to members of Global Chamber, and we welcome members of Globig involved with exporting, importing and cross-border investing into our global tribe.”

Learn more about how you can grow your business effectively and compliantly by joining Global Chamber, with events, training and connecting opportunities near you. Also become a member of the Resource Hub for free and talk to their expert team to ramp up your business.

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