Global ChamberĀ® and Partner to Accelerate International Trade and Investment

Artificial Intelligence Is Applied to the Lead Generation Process to Help Global ChamberĀ® Members Reach Foreign Markets

Published Monday, February 24, 2020

For worldwide release, Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

Global Chamber® has partnered with to facilitate international trade and investment for its members.’s AI-enabled sales intelligence platform will be used by Global Chamber® as part of their daily ‘warm connections’ process to research companies and industries on behalf of members worldwide. Global Chamber® provides members with connections and information to help them connect with customers, partners and trusted resources globally to accelerate their growth and reduce risk. is the only sales intelligence platform to use AI to forecast a company’s expansion potential and generate heatmaps of industry growth clusters.

“Following our test period, we’re excited to fully deploy on behalf of our members to help identify growth opportunities and prospective clients and partners around the world,“ says Doug Bruhnke, founder/CEO of Global Chamber®.  “The unique AI capabilities of tell us which companies are growing the fastest and are most likely to be expanding, and therefore those are more interested in engaging with our members and also in becoming members of Global Chamber®.”

Steven Jast, President and Founder, notes that “We are thrilled to be working with Global Chamber®, as we know this partnership will not only help many companies enter new markets, but will also give us a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by growing companies. In addition, we look forward to collaborating with Global Chamber®to gather intelligence on industry sectors and markets that are influencing corporate expansion.” 


Launched in 2017, is an award winning sales intelligence platform deploying custom built AI capabilities to forecast company growth and expansion.  grew out of our desire to find a way to enhance the methods used by Business Development professionals to identify early-stage signals for company growth within target industries around the world. The platform is now deployed by users in over 20 countries and was nominated as Canada’s top AI Company for 2019.

About the Global Chamber®

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