Global ChamberĀ® Is Helping Members Overcome Coronavirus/COVID19

Warm Introductions & Virtual Events Mitigate Risk and Increase Success through the Crisis

Published Thursday, March 19, 2020

Our top priority today is the safety and health of our members and community. We have replaced or postponed all in person events through May, while maintaining social distance as required to meet the challenges of the global coronavirus/covid19 pandemic.

KEEP CALM... we're NOT CANCELLED!! Every day we provide opportunities for members to connect virtually to talk, learn and keep moving forward. Read more.

We created a COVID19/Coronavirus Survival Guide for the Global Tribe, HERE. Let us know if you have something that should be included.

The global tribe is amazing! Already most are evaluating and pivoting to new opportunities that are opening and will open in the coming weeks. We encourage all our members to process what's going on and make adjustments in your business and life to survive and thrive.

In addition let's act together and support those in need. We encourage everyone to stay engaged. The idea of "reaching out and touch someone" has never been so on point - and today that means a virtual 'touch' via phone, WhatsApp, WeChat or Zoom.

Global Chamber® is built on trusted relationships and warm connections - over 30 million strong. We emphasize warm introductions, in order to build solid relationships more quickly, often not requiring a face-to-face meetings. More on that HERE.

We're increasing warm introductions to connect members during the crisis in order to keep them active with new client, partner, resource and opportunity discussions.

In addition even though most of our events were virtual before, we have now changed ALL of our in-person events into virtual events, through May at least. We will be providing more connections, more opportunities to reduce risk and grow throughout this period.

Members... reach out to engage with specific people in your target, check-in with us and connect to the global tribe via our globinars and webinars along the way, too.

Above all... be safe.

And be global and UNSTOPPABLE!