Announcing a New, Virtual Leadership Program for Women Aiming to Be Better Global Leaders

ATHENA International and Global Chamber Are Partnering on this Special Initiative to Support Women in Cross Border Business

Published Monday, April 20, 2020

Global Chamber® is pleased to announce a new program in collaboration with ATHENA International to help women business leaders advance their international leadership skills and increase success across metro regions and borders. Learn more and purchase tickets here.

Each eight-session program over several months focuses on each of the core principles of the ATHENA Leadership Model. Each group of up to 22 women leaders will gain insights to develop their individual style as authentic leaders in order to optimize their global business potential.

The first program will kick-off the week of June 22, 2020 and then the participants will meet bi-weekly in a virtual forum, facilitated by select members of the ATHENA International facilitator body, through October. A second group of leaders is planned for August through December.

The participants will be women leaders from around the world, meeting virtually and working on coursework between sessions. An integral part of the design is for each woman to learn from the multi-cultural, English-speaking leaders as well as the instructor.

The program will be facilitated by Sharon E. Reed. Sharon served as program facilitator of the inaugural CREW Charlotte - KPMG LLP (KPMG) Becoming an Authentic Leader women’s leadership program. Like ours, that program is modeled after the eight core principles of the ATHENA Leadership Model. As part of that program offering, Sharon also developed and published a written curriculum/workbook – Guided Reflections on Becoming an Authentic Leader, based on her thought leadership, writing, and expertise in the leadership development arena.

Sharon also serves as program director and lead facilitator for the Foundation for Girls (FFG) Leadership Program, Leading from the Inside Out, providing character-based leadership training to at-risk youth in the Charlotte, North Carolina region. She is the author of Walking the Heart Path: Bite-Sized Bits of Wisdom on Living and Leading from the Inside Out — a collection of original insights on personal empowerment, navigating change, growing into one’s own voice and leadership, and living a purpose-driven life.

Sharon’s facilitation style is collaborative and inclusive, adopting a more informal tone that creates the basis of trust necessary for the inherent vulnerability that is part effective leadership learning and self-reflection. When moderating panel discussions or working with additional trainers/guest speakers, extensive time is taken to meet 1:1 with each of the panelists/speakers in advance of the session to ensure they understand the learning objectives and to assess how best to leverage their own experiences and expertise for the benefit of class participants. 

Global Chamber® is pleased to announce this next layer of support for women around the world who are looking to advance their global business leadership skills. Our Women in Global Leadership events have already been held successfully since we were formed 5 years ago. We feel uniquely positioned to share information to help women succeed as a global leader in any role.

Learn more and begin the registration process by visiting Becoming ATHENA: Emerging Leaders, Champions for Change.

Contact Yvonne Luker with questions, at

Here's a testimonial of a parallel program that the WIT Network has done with ATHENA International.

“As a woman building her career in the technology industry in the heart of Silicon Valley, I was so excited for the opportunity to join the inaugural cohort of The WIT Network and ATHENA International Women in Technology Emerging Leaders Program. An in-depth exploration of the eight ATHENA principles of leadership with thought leaders and experts focused on developing the leadership skills of women like me sounded like it would be an incredible journey, and I was not disappointed. I absolutely loved this program. The session materials were compelling and thought-provoking, and the live discussion sessions with my fellow participants and our array of fascinating guest speakers were incredible. Getting to meet and talk to so many interesting and successful women was truly life-changing, and I would recommend this program to every woman who wants to add to her leadership toolbox. It is truly women helping women, which makes the work of The WIT Network and ATHENA International so inspiring and the Women in Technology Emerging Leaders Program such an amazing experience.” - Angela Jajko, Microsoft Partner Alliance Lead | Taos